Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Going Bowling!

Tonight, I'm going bowling with my company. This is the third company that I've worked for that's used this old fashioned all-American social activity/sport for employee bonding. I like it--but I never seem to go bowling except for these events.

I used to bowl annually with the Golden State Warriors when I worked there years ago. We had players, executives and regular employees all together--on mixed teams--and we got to know each other better. It was amazing how hard those big athletes pushed the ball down the lane--the pins flew!

I remember bowling on one of the very first days at my job at the biotech company I worked for a few years ago. The main thing was--I scored my best game ever that night--191. Normally I'm lucky to crack 100. Sadly, that may have been my high point in that job.

Now, my new company, Luidia, is taking us out as part of a week of sales training (for the salespeople--not me). It will be the same alley where I scored the 191. I'm looking forward to slipping on the funny shoes, drinking a Coke, and doing it again.

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