Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joe Morello, Dave Brubeck Drummer, Dies at 82

Over the last several years I have gained more awareness of and enthusiasm for Jazz--a music form that surrounds us in America but about which I was fairly ignorant. I now have a stash of CDs and significant iPod space devoted to some high spots. And--I support my local Jazz FM station, KCSM, with a donation every year.

Dave Brubeck is definitely cool, and his longtime drummer, Joe Morello, could really make those skins dance. He now joins the legion of departed Jazz legends. The photo to the left is from 1962.

Take Five was a huge hit in 1959 on the album of the same name. It was in an unusual (Jazzy) 5/4 time, which made it stand out. With its energy and feeling of movement, it's been a favorite for movie and TV soundtracks.

Check out this story and video of Joe and the gang in a French filming of a fast rendition of the tune.

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