Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homelessness - It Could Happen to You

Imagine for a moment. You're working, living in your apartment, on your own. Then, one day, the company you work for shuts down and you're out of a job. It's not easy to find another one, and your can't pay your rent. You're out on the street. With no relatives or friends to take you in, you're homeless.

Many of us have periods where we need help--but we have a source of funds or a friend or relative with a spare room. Or, we have a range of job skills and can find something quickly. Not everyone is so lucky. It's a slipperier slope than we think.

One organization that's doing something to help homeless people get back their lives is Saffron Strand. Serving Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay Area, it provides training, work opportunities and transitional employment in local communities. Members work toward independent employment and safe, affordable housing. Saffron Strand Center serves as a base during the workday, with a range of programs.

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