Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Fun at the Tattoo Show

My wife and I had a fine afternoon attending the Body Art Expo in San Francisco this afternoon. The venue was crammed with booths full of people talking about, showing off, and, in some cases, actually applying tattoos to people. The event was friendly, fascinating and definitely worth going to, despite the $8 glasses of Coors. The photo at left shows Stevie, who graciously posed in her booth.

It was my first tattoo event. Since receiving my tattoo last December and January, I have become more interested in the art and industry of skin decoration. There was a wide range to see there--on people's bodies and in the notebooks full of their best work. At many booths, I was offered the chance to get a new tattoo right there! But--not today. I believe that permanent art needs to be thought about a long time, carefully, before an ink-filled needle hits the epidermis.

I picked up a sexy calendar from the H2Ocean company and a huge stack of business cards. You'd expect an artist to have an attractive--or memorable--card, and many of them are (see below).

My wife used the opportunity to do something she's talked about for a while--getting her nose pierced. So now she has a beautiful little sparkly spot on the left side, artfully placed by a man with multiple piercings, earrings and tattoos--who is also the owner of High Class Tattoo in Fresno, California.

A great time, and for my wife, a new adventure.

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