Thursday, March 31, 2011

Googling My Grandfather

I remember my grandfather fondly (my mother's dad). Of course, he and my grandmother were inseparable, so they were normally referred to in the plural (Nanny and Grampy or, as we got older, Nan and Gramp).

My grandfather came up the other day while I was talking to a friend, and I suggested that she Google him. That phrase sounds a little weird -- creepy even, doesn't it? In any case, my grandfather, who was born in 1902 and died in 1985, wouldn't know a google from a giggle. He did the latter often. He loved puns--especially bad ones, like Marlene Dietrich in the bank ("I want to make a loan.")

My grandfather was an attorney, but he worked for many years doing title searches. This was important work back in the day, and he was a recognized expert. Now, they send out a paralegal with a laptop, but Israel Dautch knew how to do it.

He was the soul of gentility and gentleness. He adored my grandmother, who was a fiery, fundraising little Jewish woman who at one time was recognized by David Ben Gurion himself for all her efforts to help the State of Israel (which came into being during her watch). My grandfather would say, "I wear the pants in this family. I ask my wife where she wants to go and then I TAKE HER THERE!" Always a laugh, but it was true. And it was perfect.

I think about Grampy often, and remember his kindness and humor. Oh--when I googled him, I found one entry--for their house in Buffalo. I contacted the man who posted it and he was excited to hear about their "Vermont Modern" style house (in of all places, Buffalo, New York.)

So, the man died before the Internet was used by anyone and is listed now only for his house. And the latest word is, the house in question may not be theirs after all.

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