Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Starting 2012 out with a Bang!

Here in mid December, I am already planning for events for my two areas of personal interest, music and cars. Each receives an important event in January following a great and busy 2011.

Musically, Red Paint presents its long awaited CD Release Party, where the band will play the new American Tender CD (pictured) live from end to end, and then present a second set of new songs and covers. It happens on Saturday, January 21 from 7 p.m. at the High Street Station in Alameda, California. See Red Paint's Facebook Page for more details.

Just a few days later, the Western Automotive Journalists presents Future Cars -- Future Technology. It's a noon to nine event for automotive journalists and other people in the field to meet to discuss what the cars we'll be driving soon will be like--and what they'll be using for fuel. The ride and drive features cars like Mitsubishi's new all-electric i (pictured). That's on Tuesday, January 24. See the WAJ website for details.

It's fun to have twin passions, and it looks like they'll be moving along nicely by late January of 2012.

After that, February 8, 2012 will mark 20 years since my first published automotive article. Watch this space for more as the day gets closer!

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