Monday, December 5, 2011

Stairway to Heaven - Best Rock Song Ever?

I just got another chance to enjoy the magnificence of Stairway to Heaven, Led Zeppelin's finest song and one of the greatest rock recordings of all time. I've always admired the way it starts pretty and folksy and gradually builds, adding a piece at a time, until it expands to an outright wail, only to fade softly away at the end.

First, the acoustic guitar becomes an electric guitar. Then the bass becomes more prominent. Then the drums enter. After that, a ringing guitar anthem, followed by Jimmy Page's iconic solo. On top of that, suddenly the tempo gets more syncopated as Robert Plant screams out his part as only he can.

The latest numbers for Stairway to Heaven on YouTube are 44,712,551 plays for the recorded version with a changing still photo gallery of the band. Whew, look at all that hair! And Jimmy Page's double-necked guitar! It's 8 minutes and two seconds of magic. It's also 40 years old this November, and sounding as fresh as ever.


CathyB said...

I've noticed a lot of things that were 40 years ago since going to my 40-year high school reunion last summer...

CathyB said...

Plus - nothing like a little Led Zeppelin for an energetic start to the day! Thanks.