Thursday, December 1, 2011

Frank Sinatra - Cycles

Maybe it's the end of the year and coming of winter, but this morning, Frank Sinatra's Cycles came into my mind. The song, released at the end of 1968, has a melancholy beauty that is very different from his more uptempo hits like Witchcraft or Got the World on a String.

This is a Sinatra song from my era--not a big band number or one of the great 1950's performances. Frank and his daughter Nancy had scored a huge hit with Something Stupid the year before, showing that the great crooner had what it took to be relevant in the era of the Beatles.

Nancy will forever be remembered for These Boots are Made for Walking--the 1966 classic--but my favorites of hers are Some Velvet Morning and Summer Wine, with Lee Hazelwood.

It's December--time for melancholic, beautiful songs. And Frank's birthday (Dec. 12).

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