Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy to Play the Blues

I just played bass this afternoon with some talented musicians at Gary Lamb's monthly Blues Jam at the Bistro in Hayward. It was my first time playing there--I've enjoyed listening and drinking good beers on tap before but had never ascended to the small stage.

I must admit I was just a little nervous, since it was a new thing for me, but I didn't really feel unprepared, either. They called out the key and I just jumped in. This was a rite of passage, in a way, because I played with people I'd never met and was able to fit in and sound good. That's a milestone in a bass-playing career that started only nine years ago.

It's not that difficult to play the Blues bass--if you're had some practice. I've been hanging with my buds (dawgs) lately, putting together a show for August 12th, and I think my blues playing has definitely moved up a notch. It's ironic, though. The Blues are about pain and suffering but playing them is such bliss.

The lead guitarists I played with--and listened to later--were amazingly good. That's where the real mind-blowing performances come from. And the bassist who followed me,Vic, was incredible. I took notes--and he was friendly afterwards as we compared bass tattoos. He got terrific sound from his 1964 Fender Precision. We had fine drummers and harmonica wizards as well.

I'll be heading on over there next month to do it again!

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