Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Beatles Live on with Drew Harrison and Friends

Last night I had the genuine pleasure of hearing not only Drew Harrison, who channels John Lennon so well with the Sun Kings, but three other gentlemen who do amazing things with Beatle-related sounds. At the intimate Frog and Fiddle in Alameda, California, Joe Orlando, of The Cryers, joined Drew for satisfying John/Paul harmonies on so many favorites. Then, Michael Barrett stepped in with the "George" harmony and guitar parts.

A special bonus came later in the evening, when Richard Cummins, who is to Paul McCartney what Drew is to John, joined the guys for more Beatle moments. Richard, who drove all the way from Vancouver, B.C. in his yellow Dodge Charger for the gig, played post-Beatles Paul first and then provided more samples of Beatles era songs. He can do Paul from Beatles to Wings to today. It was just plain heaven for this lifelong Beatles nut.

These guys showed off a range of talents. I enjoyed hearing Joe's takes on Elvis, Bobby Darin, and his exceptionally lovely Long Way from Anywhere (off James Taylor's Sweet Baby James LP). Michael Barrett played originals on his own, including a special Beatles-related song that included dozens of song references in it. He also did wonders with Peter Gabriel. I was very pleased with Drew's solo version of Nowhere Man, which had an urgent quality it would have possessed if John had produced it himself in 1970. The evening started with Drew's own worthy compositions. These guys are not just copycats.

You can't go wrong playing Beatles songs, and if we get the quality I heard last night, what could be better? And they are fun guys to talk with as well. The Frog and Fiddle is intimate, and offers some tasty and morerately priced African cuisine too from Soleil's African Cuisine.

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Drewmon said...

Hey Steve!

This was forwarded to me this morning! Good to see you and thanks for the veddy kind word!

Also enjoyed reading your "Certainty of Uncertainty" blog. Hit the proverbial nail on the head there, sir!

Have a great Father's Day!