Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goodbye, Robin

Robin Gibb died today. I really hoped that waking up from his coma was the first step on the road to recovery--but inside, I feared that he was too ill to make it. Now we know.

In my headphones as I write this I can hear Robin singing And the Sun Will Shine from the 1968 Horizontal LP. I had this album as a vinyl LP, and I spun it regularly--and listened with my Koss headphones. How much and little has changed.

Robin's music lives on--thanks to recordings--but the BeeGees is reduced to Barry.

I don't know what to say--and that's unusual. How do you assess the loss of someone you never met or knew but felt close to for 45 years?

I'm adding two of the last BeeGees CDs to my iPod right now. Still Waters from 1997 and This is Where I Came In from 2001. This one was the final BeeGees album--Maurice died in 2003. Sigh.

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