Saturday, April 21, 2012

Robin Gibb has Awoken from his Coma!

Reuters and other agencies report that Robin's awake and communicating with his family. This is great news.

I grew up with the BeeGees, who were just a couple of years older than I was--but they were already child stars. In 1967, when Holiday was on the charts and BeeGees 1st debuted in the U.S., Robin was just 17--and I was 14. I followed them for a few years and didn't pay much attention again until they became disco legends. I was less interested in that music.

The group put out albums in the 1990's, including the song One, which returned them to non-falsetto singing.

Things ground to a halt again when Maurice died in 2004 at a mere 53 years old. He was the musician of the group while Barry and Robin sang--and I realized later that it was the bass work Maurice did that I admired in their recordings.

But I'm happy now, and looking forward to Robin's full recovery.

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