Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to the 60's!


Last night, my band, Red Paint, played a birthday party for a guy turning 50. The theme was the 60's so I went out and got a few props to make myself look like a 60's musician. Yep--found a tie-dye t-shirt (not pictured) and, most importantly--a huge head of hair. It was the "Howard Stern" model (labeled: DJ Wannabee). I also put temporary die (sold as "mustache wax") on my goatee to match, and brought out my wire-framed sunglasses. What do you think?

Of course, the folks at the party "dug it," but it also felt good to be looking like I did many years ago. It was a personal time travel experience--only with even MORE hair. I got to experience the hair-in-the-face annoyance and the hair-in-the-mouth-while-eating phenomenon that my wife has described. She wears her hair up almost all the time for that very reason. It felt good to rock-and-roll and shake that mop of hair. Wearing the sunglasses made me feel a little insular and "safe" in some way, too.

You can live your dreams--playing bass in my band is a big one for me--but looking "cool" too is another. I've never been much for costumes, but I'll bet this will be a big hit at some party this coming October 31st.

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