Monday, February 13, 2012

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Moving

A lot of us realize that we are not eating the right food, and that our conditions--including fat bellies--come from those bad habits. But the world we live in here in 21st century America is filled with bad eating choices. What can you do to really make a difference?

Australian businessman Joe Cross was severely overweight, and ill for years with a condition that made him swell up with red splotches. But when he went on a fresh juice fast -- no solid food for two months--he regained his health. And not only that--he spread the word to others. What happens to Phil, a 429-pound truck driver from Iowa, is heroic and poignant.

This movement, known as Reboot Your Life, is going viral, as you can see on Facebook. There's nothing like a great example and a story you can  relate to to move you along. Although I don't have the issues that Joe and Phil do, I am still above my ideal weight, and my blood pressure is a little high. My wife and I are already making changes -- and we have one of those great Breville juicers. Next - a juice fast--but not for 30 or  60 days!

I need this.

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