Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones is Dead: I'm a Bereaver

I loved the Monkees when I was 13 and they appeared on TV. I started high school at exactly the same time the first episode ran. Monday nights at 7:30!

Their songs were great pop hits, even if the guys used studio musicians under their vocals. They had good writers--so did Frank Sinatra. Frank didn't play his own instruments either. Who cared? The four guys were fun, had cool hair (Mickey's, when he let go natural, was a lot like mine). And what about that Monkeemobile?

The first few bars of Last Train to Clarksville (I believe it was the very first radio hit) are as iconic as the intro to "Satisfaction" or "Day Tripper." I loved the lyrics and the sound of Pleasant Valley Sunday, too, although that was a "Mickey" song. When "Valerie" debuted it was a big deal on KFRC, the Big 610.

Davy sung some sweet ballads, and the girls ate it up. He sang "I'll be true to you, yes I will..." on one of the first two albums--which I owned. But his biggest song is probably Daydream Believer, and if you haven't heard it lately, you will certainly get a chance to over the next few days if you're turned to the right station.

My first crush, on Ramona C., was backed by those two Monkees albums. I can remember it clearly today, 46 years later. I changed my clothing style from dull khakis and checked shirts to "mod" looking bell bottoms and paisley shirts--and don't forget the wide belt! I began fighting to grow my hair long in those days, too, although I didn't look much like any of the Monkees.

Of course it's sad to lose Davy now, and it's also too soon for anyone to die at age 66. But that's what he got, and what he gave us will, it goes without saying, be with us forever.

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