Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Era Begins

Monday, March 23 marks the beginning of a new period of my worklife. I have left Gilead Sciences. Gilead is a great company and does wonderful, lifegiving work in the world. The once-a-day dosing for its drugs for serious diseases is almost umbelievably life affirming. I learned a lot there and will miss my many former colleagues.

Now, I am free to seek my fortune in a new company. I am still writing my automotive column, as I have since February, 1992. Today, I am preparing to turn over my Mercedes-Benz C350 for a Ford F150 pickup tomorrow. Life as a car tester is pretty tough. I welcome the chance to write, edit, or manage material for your intranet.

Red Paint, more than two years in the making, finally debuted at a genuine venue last Saturday, when the band played a hot 40-minute set at Rooster's Roadhouse in Alameda. You can catch the foursome at House of Shields in San Francisco on Friday, April 3. You can always see and hear Red Paint at

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