Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My First Car Story - Courtesy of Subaru

Subaru has been doing everything right lately. They are now Consumer Reports magazine's top rated manufacturer for quality--a first for the brand. They've weathered the last few years while others have struggled. They've got lots of shiny new products, including the brand new BRZ sports coupe (shared with Toyota).

They also put out two terrific magazines called Drive and Drive Performance. I assume they go to all new buyers and interested owners--and lucky journalists like me.

In the just-arrived Drive Performance issue is a feature called firstcarstory.com. You type in the story of your first car and they animate it for you. It is amazing and fun--and you come up with a video that looks like this. I talked about my first car--a 1964 Beetle (see photo for a similar, and better-condition, vehicle). You should try it too.


Sebastian Gaydos said...

Most car owners consider the first vehicle they owned as their favorite no matter what brand or model was it. So having the firstcarstory.com online will let the car owners have a chance to share how their first cars, working or not, became a very important part of their lives.

Nicole Vickers said...

You can say that again! Subaru does a great job of continuously improving their cars. Their ranking on Consumer Report is just a testament of the effort they exert on making quality cars. Oh, and I think firstcarstory.com is a great way to reach out to all car owners, regardless if you own a Subaru or not.