Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rolls-Royce Phantom Is Amazing

Yesterday I got the chance to drive the 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase sedan. Yes, for just $516,630, you too could enjoy the supreme quiet, power, and accommodations of one of these beauties. With its mighty V12 engine moving three tons of hand-wrought steel, aluminum, leather and wood, what's not to like? The car moves along like a ship on a calm sea, but there is some tactile feel through the slender leather-wrapped steering wheel. The car is alive and eager to please.

As expected, there's a bumbershoot stored in the rear door--which is a "suicide" style, hinged at the back. Passengers can close it by pressing a button inside the car. The wool carpets are inches deep, the burl and straight grain woods divine, the chrome deep and lustrous, and the sound system--oh my.

I found myself going 100 miles per hour on the freeway with no effort and little awareness that I was speeding! Sorry, officer--I need to test this car.

Rolls-Royce representatives mentioned the mileage -- 11 City, 18 Highway -- which is class-leading, if that means anything to the millionaire owners.

My favorite special feature--the built-in drink cabinets in the doors, with custom glassware bearing the RR logo. Price? $15,300.
For another perspective, see the Features section at http://www.speedstylemagazine.com/.

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